Verified & Qualified
Our Chief Election Officer should have election experience. With over 17 years of election leadership experience, TJ Hudson is the best candidate to lead our Secretary of State's office. We must restore order and confidence in our elections and it must start at the top.
"As Secretary of State, I will be accessible to our election officials and Georgians across the state. I will be boots on the ground, not sitting in an office." TJ Hudson
FACT: Never in Georgia's history has the Secretary of State had election experience. With everything that has happened, it is time to put the RIGHT person with election experience as our Chief Election Official.
  • Over 17 years of Election Supervisory experience
  • Leadership as President of the Councils for Probate and Magistrate Judges and President-elect of the Georgia Association of Voter Registration and Election Officials in every county of the state.
  • Hands-on accessibility to staff
  • Experience to restore trust and confidence in our elections

In conclusion, as a former Probate and Magistrate Judge, TJ Hudson is the only candidate with hands-on experience supporting local elections staff and boards. TJ has been involved in defending Georgia's election system while also improving the administration of elections.  He was also elected by elections supervisors across Georgia to represent their professional association! People and processes are key to fixing the problems in our system.

  • Fix the Mail-In Ballot Problems and Violations!
  • Mitigate the Dominion Voting Machine Security Risks!
  • Push Back Attacks on Our Election Integrity!
  • Stop the Radical Dis-Information with TJ's Proven Leadership!
  • Supporting Georgia Elections Teams Across the State.
  • Bring Back Humble, Public Servant Leadership from the Heart of Georgia!
  • Put a Lock on Georgia and Put Order in the Vote!
A Man of Many Firsts! 
  • First African American male to be elected Probate Judge in Georgia.
  • In 2018 TJ became the first African American to swear in a Governor of Georgia.
  • First Probate Judge to ever swear in a Governor of Georgia.
Join us in making TJ Hudson the first African American to be elected Georgia Secretary of State! 


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